• This place was not built by anyone person, as the description of the shrine suggests. Rather the shrine was built with donations solicited mainly by my mother- Amparo Eusebio Reonisto - the eldest in the brood of Eusebio- Vicente siblings who own Hacienda Sta. Ana. It has been constructed and dedicated by the entire Eusebio clan to Our Lady of Lourdes for the Blessings received. And it is hoped that the Blessings would spread to the people of San Carlos City, Negros.
  • Sir Chief... always a weekend destination with my friends. Its very accommodating waiter JEFF( who always speaks english and never mind if its broken) already knows our fave orders... mexican burger, cheesy nachos, chicken burger, lemonade, sisig. We never tire of enjoying our food al fresco despite the unwelcome presence 1 or 2 street kids approaching our table once in a while. The cool evening air echoes our laughter bringing it to all ends of Sir Chief. Yah... have an evening at Sir Chief's Corner particularly Fridays or Saturdays and you will see Batch ''85 there!Oh! if you like hot sauce, you must buy a bottle of their spicy SIGBIN SAUCE! I just luv it....
  • It's a small place but the batchoy here is good.
  • Feeling somewhat down and hungry at the same time? Need a picker-upper to lift body and spirit? Then maybe, you should give La Magdalena Baker’s Restaurant a try. They just might have what you need. Positioned at the corner of Azcona and V. Gustilo Streets, this mid-sized property gives instant relief from city life as soon as you enter its air-conditioned confines. Choosing from a menu that lists familiar Filipino favorites and international dishes, we usually zero in on our preferred comfort food. The kids go for the bihon guisado and cheeseburger, the wife picks the batchoy (top-notch), while I order the sizzler plate. We then top it off with their bestselling halo-halo. Waiters are attentive, but need to fine-tune the way they serve the food and utensils. Restrooms out back are okay though some broken parts need replacement. Lack of parking space is another downside. Having a Wi-Fi connection is also appreciated by many. What better way to enjoy a comforting meal than doing so while chatting with family or friend in some faraway land? With muted traffic noise coming from the outside, this oasis of comfort within the city sure can bring up that energy level and swing moods in the right direction.
  • Probably the only place in town with a real Chinese heritage, Ama Tiya’s Restaurant has managed to retain its southeastern Chinese cooking all these years. A row of back-to-back booths along one side (ala dimsum houses) provides an intimate setting for a group of four to enjoy the house’s signature thick ‘lomi’ or steaming ‘hototay.’ Basically done in the Fookienese/Taiwanese style of cooking, the other dishes are delicious and flavorful as well. Crowd favorites are the sweet and sour recipes as well as the rice toppings. Introducing more options with emphasis on its ancient roots would be most welcome and more likely than not, arouse additional interest. Service-wise, the staff needs to be more welcoming and attentive to customers. At least, the restrooms are clean but kind of small and could use some more ventilation. With a videoke in place to cater to the beer-drinking crowd, it somewhat lessens the place’s appeal to family-oriented dining. Just across the street from BDO, Ama Tiya’s is a nice spot for merienda and some ‘barkadahan’ sing-along with cold beer and tasty ngoyong
  • Nice place to hang out with friends for food trip and drinks, choice of food though very limited, met up with friends there at only 7pm, wa nay pangsugba!
  • Opening with a bang, Chef Nitoy’s Grille & Restaurant immediately captivated a lot of patrons with its good food and swift service in a relaxing courtyard setting. Many times did we enjoy the sizzling sisig, marlin and tuna while the kids favored the grilled chicken/liempo meals. Its ‘kansi’ was the tummy-warming order of choice before partaking of its signature ‘pancit canton’. The crispy ‘lumpia’ paired so well with the sub-zero beer. In short, it had all the makings of a preferred dining destination. But that was then. Fast forward to the recent and our two visits ended up being disappointments. Changes were made, but not with the desired result. Its once-open courtyard is now paved over – thus losing a natural aspect of the place. Moreover, a steel-trussed roof over it has caused a dampening effect on an otherwise bright portion. Just can’t help but feel that I’m in a basketball covered court. Additionally, the food quality has taken a dive while service has also followed the same route. Surprisingly, the ‘CR’s’ are still clean and functioning. Sayang naman. After all, it is in one of the better spots on the city’s famous food avenue and has solid fundamentals. Maybe professional make-over and management reform are needed to restore the luster of this once-rising star.
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