Reviews on Places
  1. I remembered well when the People’s Park first opened its gate to the public; locals and visitors alike flocked the whole park from day until night. Miniature models of the city’s structures fascinated the locals. The man made waterfalls, the life size concrete installations was a fave background for photo buffs. The swimming pool was then rented by a local who used to be in food/catering business. It was indeed a local spot especially during weekends and holidays.
    People’s Park remains to be among the city’s tour spots. Although, the concerned lgu agency should give it the face lift it needs. At the same time, year-round event planning should be implemented so that not only locals will have a good reason to frequent the place but more so our visitors. While other cities are yet to construct a spot, our already exists for some time. Our People’s Park has already existing amenities that just need some creativity and improvement to make it more enticing and worthwhile the trip of travelers/tourists. Let our creative juice work for the growth of our tourism industry!
  2. Sir Chief… always a weekend destination with my friends. Its very accommodating waiter JEFF( who always speaks english and never mind if its broken) already knows our fave orders… mexican burger, cheesy nachos, chicken burger, lemonade, sisig. We never tire of enjoying our food al fresco despite the unwelcome presence 1 or 2 street kids approaching our table once in a while. The cool evening air echoes our laughter bringing it to all ends of Sir Chief. Yah… have an evening at Sir Chief’s Corner particularly Fridays or Saturdays and you will see Batch ”85 there!Oh! if you like hot sauce, you must buy a bottle of their spicy SIGBIN SAUCE! I just luv it….
  3. Grilled Chicken is every Filipino’s favorite; our streets thrive of it. Though at Q’s Manokan, I favored their pork b-b-cu which is simply saucy and meatier with bigger cuts that is uniquely Q’s. I havae not been to Q’s since it got its facelift. Maybe it’s time I swing there with my 3 kiddos. See you at Q’s!
  4. Dexter’s Pizza with its spacious function hall as well as 2 other activity rooms (good for 30-50 pax) plays a significant role in the food business of San Carlos. Since its opening, it continuously earn the local’s patronage; these days, it is a sought after venue for weddings, christenings, birthdays, business meets and even lgu events. With its sister business 10.9 Resto to complete its menu offering, we can expect Dexter’s Pizza to lead the city”s restaurant/catering business.