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  • Sirs, this is not a review but a report of an incident and I need your authority to correct. The 16-yr old son of Tomas Bermejo, named Edward, just hit the left eye of our dog that was inside our fence with his sling shot. I saw him, and asked him why he did this. He only said that he was shooting the birds inside our perimeter. Then the pedicab driver who was eating under the guava tree told me he hit the dog on the head. I went to their area and sought his mother’s opinion why this son is destructive. She explained that he is mentally slow, and must be taking drugs. Can you please investigate, as I will also have a police blotter later. The other two guys who were sitting in front of their gate (around 10:45) told me that the behavior of this person is hard to explain, and that he is abnormal. Is there a way you can help to protect the rest of us from this neighbor?