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  • Puso + Barbecue = BEST. Barato na lami pa gyud… Try it out.
  • Jollibee, the taste of my childhood!

    With your chickenjoy so crispilicous and juicylicious.

    Yummy palabok with thin noodles and flavorful shrimp sauce.

    And remember to get peach mango pie! That crunchy outer shell filled with ooey gooey sweet mango and peach filling.

  • You must stop here before heading down to San Carlos from Don Salvador. Scenic view you will see tañon straight and cebu island. I gave it 4 stars. It could be complete if it has binoculars on site so you can see a far. Also city can earn money out of it just a suggestion.
  • I love the scenery at People’s Park. It’s a beautiful place to walk around and take in the view. Who would known that this was a dump site before in the late 80’s and transformed into a beautiful park. If you visit San Carlos City go to this place.
  • Amazing! It looks the same like that of the original. It displays most examples of San Carlos architecture. Very nicely done; it’s an easy and fun way to get an overview of San Carlos City. I hope to go back soon.
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