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  • And why there still is brown out on going ? What sense makes it to build up huge Solar fields with many Mega Watts if there are still many brown outs in San Carlos ?
  • City Designs Advertising at Losin Street – A great place for getting your advertising material of any kind from a very friendly and welcoming owner and a professional staff.They even produce Tarpaulin outdoor posters using a very large format printer. And the best is, the quality is amazing ! My rate: 5 Stars
  • I really like the new Ortega’s store they recently built up. What I like is the front of the store with its nice crystal glass. Its huge and I am sure, whenever this building has been painted it will look fabulous. But about the content of the store I only can write that the range of wedding gowns is just amazing and the quality as far as I know is really good. Not only that you can see flower bouquet’s you also can rent wedding gowns to reasonable prices, thats great. I recommend future brides and grooms just to have a look and visit their store !
  • Rating TERRIBLE:

    And now I wanna tell you the reason why – First of, I am soon an inhabitant of San Carlos City, married there 1995, having our land and house there. So, it will be my hometown which I really love.

    Since I am travelling there together with my wife almost every year for vacation we are always facing the same sad issue with this brown out ongoing joke. Not only that the energy charges are ridiculous high, instead this company is torturing you with no power whatsoever.

    I dont know how many appliances or devices have been destroyed as of this matter. They are forcing people to buy power generators, or power supplies for their computer. Many years ago a foreigner threw out his TV onto the road and burned it. Obviously, things like do not help at all…..

    I am pretty sure this brown out issue existed since the power plant actually has been setup for San Carlos City and since more than 20 years nothing has changed. This definitely is an evidence of incapacity.

    Now we have a wonderful Solar power plant, which gave us hope. Many people got a job there which is just fantastic, after the sugar mill closed down several years ago. But no, this energy problem is still an ongoing pain in the neck which is just terrible annoying. You feel cheated !

    Listen, we are now living in 2016 and not back in 1930th anymore.and I think its now more time than enough to improve and to get rid of this story.

    I am not that 100% sure but I heard from a lady who is working in the City Hall that the Solar company is selling cheap to another Third Party company and they are selling the energy to much higher prices, thats why the brown out is still going on and SCC does not receive the power from the Solar panels.

    Another story I heard (not sure if this is true, but I can imagine) is that the energy for San Carlos City actually is coming from Victoria and this power plant is supporting 3 cities with energy and can’t handle all the same time.

    All I can see are incompetent Mayors and if I would have been living there in SCC since 1995 I would have developed an institution a group for fighting against this never ending plaque. I would plaster the whole city with huge posters, going onto the street, organizing demonstrations in order to wake up either the Barangay chiefs or the Government.

    Thats my opinion to this joke.

  • A few years ago I bought my Kawasaki 135 Rouser at Gaisano, picked up the bike at Du Ek Sam who serviced my bike after that for free. Owner and staff is friendly and helpful if they are not busy. I only can say good things about Du Ek Sam and would recommend them to anybody !
  • Pro’s: First of all, I really love the design of this restaurant and its location. Its just wonderful and colourful. It has a second floor where you can eat outside on a kind of balcony. The eating area in front of the entrance is brilliant. I like the taste of their Pizza and the prices are pretty much fair ! They are always very busy when I came there.

    Con’s: The waiting time for your beloved Pizza, especially when you are starving is much too long. Sometimes it takes 20 to 30 minutes until you get your order. I cant remember if they are selling San Miquel beer there….which sometimes is important for me to be able to order.

    However, once you received your Pizza from the friendly staff you are the happiest person on this world and if you were lucky enough to sit upstairs and had some good chat partner, you are fine !

  • I just love this small tailor shop which existed in the very very same condition as shown on the picture in 1995, when I married in San Carlos and they have manufactured ALL of our wedding cloth for all people who attended our wedding. A wonderful and still alive remembrance when passing this shop whenever I come back to SCC ! High respect they were able to keep their business since then !!!