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  • I am happy that Mang Inasal is now open. They do not serve unlimited rice.
    We ordered a plate of combos that supposed with free 3 cups of rice. However the waiters did not served it (we were not aware too) until my sister came and asked us ( she was only informed by her colleagues) and she insisted. Its good that they give us the free 3 cups of rice but we had already ordered several cups.
  • It is so amazing to see the new San Carlos City Hospital in a very therapeutic place. The physical structure is very nice and huge compared to the old one where I had my first employment. I suggest that the hospital administration should adapt a good infection prevention and control program to be implemented. However, during my few visits as one of the construction workers working for us was confined. I saw practices and process that doesn’t met with the infection prevention control (IPC) standards, . I have to mention a few for improvement: there was renovation activities that was close to the patients wards and nurses stations- with out dust control or abatement. Dust may spread and cause fungal infections to patients with low immune system. I saw one of the housekeepers cleaning the ER, using a broom to sweep dust producing airborne particles that may potentially spread infections. I appreciated seeing healthcare workers working in ER with their masks on but some are kept hanging on their necks. I observed masks were not changed from one patients to another. PPEs should be used appropriately according to the transmission based precautions. Healthcare workers did not perform hand hygiene before and after touching patients. I strongly suggest that healthcare workers must be trained periodically. Posters of 5 moments of hand hygiene from WHO must be hanged in appropriate places that will remind healthcare workers. I hope they will hang alcohol hand rubs in accessible places e.g. in ER, patient rooms nurses stations and in designated places; if not possible in every patients beds to encourage hand hygiene and prevent transmission of hospital acquired infections. I saw that healthcare waste (previously known as medical waste) was not segregated properly and was placed outside the ER . This will expose the public with the waste and provide an easy access putting them at risk of its hazards. I did not notice that there was sharp container in ER or in the procedure trolleys. Sharps are the most dangerous healthcare waste as it cause a double injury. It can cause cuts and wounds and bloodborne infections e.g. HIV, Hep. B and C. Other hazardous waste e.g. chemicals and pharmaceuticals must be segregated and treated properly according to the national standards. I strongly suggest that the hospital administration must find ways on how to implement (IPC) international and national standards.
    Let’s save lives.