Reviews on Places
  1. Individually rated for:

    A great place to meditate. For me Santa Ana is a very special place. The views of the countryside are amazing. The serentiy for prayer is just what I need. If you would like to do the Station of the Cross they have path. When you need to seek peace and quiet this is the place. Mary is waiting for you.
  2. Individually rated for:

    Been waiting for years for a Mang Inasal to open in San Carlos. Now its here. I love their Chicken Inasal and unlimited rice.
  3. Individually rated for:

    San Carlos newest mall just recently opened. It’s clean and cool. It has a food court and amusement center. It also has super market, hardware store, and a pharmacy. On the second floor is a parking lot. Elevator is still not working, so you have to use the stairs. It does not have a cinema yet. I gave it a 4 stars.
  4. San Carlos Borromeo Cathedral is a landmark, San Carlos City icon, and center of Catholicism in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental while serving as a fortress of faith and spiritual haven in inspiring gothic architecture. Add it to your must visit list if living in or traveling to San Carlos regardless if it is San Carlos Fiesta or not.
  5. Cool historic landmark located in the heart of San Carlos! This is the old City Hall. It is haunting looking that is why I like it so much. Sadly its closed due to recent fire.
  6. An iconic building. The interior tells you that you are in a place where important people make the city run
  7. Bawi-on nako akong 5 star na gi hatag 1 star na lang ni kay walay tagad sooner or later mo balik na ni sya og dump site ning lugara.
  8. Amazing! It looks the same like that of the original. It displays most examples of San Carlos architecture. Very nicely done; it’s an easy and fun way to get an overview of San Carlos City. I hope to go back soon.
  9. I love the scenery at People’s Park. It’s a beautiful place to walk around and take in the view. Who would known that this was a dump site before in the late 80’s and transformed into a beautiful park. If you visit San Carlos City go to this place.
  10. You must stop here before heading down to San Carlos from Don Salvador. Scenic view you will see tañon straight and cebu island. I gave it 4 stars. It could be complete if it has binoculars on site so you can see a far. Also city can earn money out of it just a suggestion.
  11. I bought my first mobile phone here way back 2000. The owner was helpful and accommodating.
  12. Best Native Coffee in town…